Monday, August 30, 2010

Catching up!

It has been a crazy week. I think it is in part due to the fact that tomorrow I will be 33 weeks pregnant.   So exhausting and this time around I have been so emotional.  Last week I learned that Sam, the toddler who I have been caring for full time, will only be with me one day a week as of October 1st.  I burst into tears. I know that I will still see him once a week but I was so upset for Austin. Him and Sam are complete opposites and they fight a lot but they also have so much fun playing together.  I am afraid of the fact that this change is coming so close to my due date of Oct. 19.  I really don't want Austin to blame the new baby for the changes that are happening.

Sam's parents feel that Sam will benefit from a larger daycare setting.  I can see where it would be good for him. I think some children are better off in larger settings.  It just hurts to know he won't be here with us everyday. I am already looking for another toddler to bring into our home.  I want Austin to have someone around to help get him through the difficulty that comes with a new addition to the family.  Plus I want him to have a friend to grow with. I am at least able to talk about it now without crying.  

This weekend has been a little rough because Austin is cutting two teeth.  He is great at throwing tantrums.  Really bad tantrums.  It is amazing how toddlers can display behavior that they have never witnessed.  He throws things, hits the wall, throws himself to the floor, and any thing else that suits his fancy at the moment.  Saturday night he woke in the middle of the night running a fever. He also had diarrhea all weekend.  Thank goodness his temp has been normal since and he has had normal poops.  

Stephen and I took him up to Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday just to get out of the house.  It is only an hour drive from our house.  He had a blast feeding fish and watching the ducks.  He has perfected saying "duck".  I have the cutest video of him at Sprague Lake.  The wildlife up there will come right to you.  It is funny that the ducks could be so comfortable around a toddler.  He was close enough to pet them.  I am sure it helps that he is really good with animals.  We have two dogs that weigh just under 100 lbs and we have 5 ferrets.  Basically, he knows how to behave both around large and small animals.  He is so sweet to them. Reminds me of myself when I was little.  

Ok...guess I am done rambling now.  I will get an updated list of giveaways up soon.  Thanks for bearing with me!

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