Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amazing Customer Service

It is not everyday that I can say I have received exceptional, above and beyond, customer service.  That is exactly what I got this week.  I was lucky and blessed to win a $20 gift code to Top to Bottom Baby Boutique (TTBBB).  A mini shout out to Tara at I Heart Fluff for hosting this giveaway on her blog The Cloth Chronicles!

Anyway, I am 8 months pregnant caring for my toddler as well as a friend's.  Needless to say I can't remember anything now-a-days and have perfected the art of making ridiculous mistakes.  I sat down with my husband one evening and picked out a cloth diaper that would be great for both my toddler and the new arrival due in Oct.  However, when I purchased the diaper I didn't use my code.  Go figure.  The silliest mistake. I contacted Jess at TTBBB and explained my dilemma and asked if she could fix my error.  I made it clear that if she could not that was fine too.  This is my mistake after all.  Jess contacted me explaining that she had spent the evening in the ER with her little one and that she would fix it the next day.

I was already impressed.  She clearly had a rough day and yet she got back to me so quickly.  The next day she tried fixing it and had to cancel the order and set it up again to use the code.  I just needed to verify the credit card online to pay the remaining $3.  This all went down on the 23rd.  Will you believe it, I received my diaper today! Talk about speedy and amazing service.  All this trouble was my fault and she fixed it for me.

I guess I feel the need to share this with you all because I have experienced some poor customer service lately from another cloth diaper company.  I won a cloth diaper on July 11th and still have not received it.  After weeks of unreturned emails I was finally told that it would arrive on August 18th.  I have yet to receive my diaper.  I do not want to come across as complaining but I do believe that if a company can show concern and great customer service to someone who is receiving a free item than they are going above and beyond.  It's not just the paying customer who will remember how they are treated.  I know where I will shop in the future and where I will certainly avoid.

Yay for TTBBB!  You rock Jess!!!!!

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  1. AWWW!!!! I love it!!! :) Thanks for entering our giveaways too, it's people like you who make having great giveaways so much fun! I hope you enjoy your diaper!


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